HyperVolatility is a trading and market analytics company, providing statistically-based research on financial markets to investors and traders working in both institutional and retail capacities, as well as companies in the energy and mining sectors.As a customer-oriented service, HyperVolatility is fully committed to equipping its clients with sophisticated, tailored products aligned to their needs and our quantitative research is designed to be a concrete, practical tool for optimal results in trading and investing. The company delivers in-depth analysis on currencies, bonds, commodities, and equity indices, and our mission is to allow our clients to benefit from the clear-cut understanding and confidence that quantitative studies yield in investment decision-making. HyperVolatility focuses its work and trading strategies on market forecasting and volatility measurement, using advanced modelling techniques based on past data, current indicators, and interactions across markets. The HyperVolatility team is composed of accomplished professionals in statistics and finance, marrying technical expertise with hands-on trading experience. This powerful combination of experience enables us to navigate through periods of high uncertainty and ambiguity, where even the most reliable algorithms are severely tested. We believe that technical knowledge and statistical analysis should always be accompanied by a sound understanding of market dynamics. For these reasons, we constantly strive to provide our clients with the best statistical tools and market analysis necessary to make more informed and better investment choices. Please read our Legal Disclaimer for more information.

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  1. Dear Vito, my regards for this blog and your activities. Ad maiora. An old friend of yours in Liceo “Fermi” – Bari.

  2. Dear Sir, A very refreshing insight, I am much impressed by its predictive reliability and the general understanding of market conditions. I will be a daily reader from now on of any news or insights you may shed. I am a priavte trader using technicals, I have a leaning to options but am still developing my understanding. Thanks for this great site, James

    • I thank you so much for your kind words. Your support is very much appreciated. I will try to keep the website as much updated as possible. Thanks a lot !!!

      • John Stevenson

        Thanks Vito!

        I am enjoying your website so much! Thanks for posting your analysis so that I can learn. Much appreciated. Please keep posting

        • Thank you once again for your support. I will try to do my best in order to keep you all updated with new quantitative based analysis,researches and forecasts. Thanks for visiting the blog.

  3. Gianluca Caramia

    Ciao Vito, come va?
    Come da te suggerito sono venuto a fare un salto nel tuo blog e mi sembra davvero interessante, spero solo di riuscire un giorno ad utilizzare le mie competenze statistiche in questo settore.
    Un abbraccio

    • Ciao Gianluca, grazie per la visita. Sono sicuro che riuscirai nel tuo intento. La statistica e’ applicabile a qualsiasi campo.
      Se hai delle domande riguardanti l’applicazione di modelli alle serie storiche mandami una email a e
      cerchero’, nel possibile, di aiutarti. Un saluto e grazie ancora per la visita

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