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The HyperVolatility Forecast Service provides members with financial forecasts and market research based on rigorous quantitative analysis.The Forecast Service consists of a complete and accurate weekly synopsis of the most important asset classes in the world and allows HyperVolatility members to fully comprehend price fluctuations, volatility, market micro-structure, and inter-market relationships. Suggested price and volatility projections are extracted via proprietary models engineered on the principle of statistical expectation. HyperVolatility members can select up to 3 asset classes from the following list:

1) VIX Index

2) E-Mini S&P500 Futures

3) WTI Crude Oil Futures

4) Gold Futures

5) German Bund Futures

6) Treasury Bond Futures (30 years)

7) DAX Futures

8) FTSE/MIB Futures

9) Euro Futures

10) Japanese Yen Futures


The Forecast Service generates a report every week that is directly delivered to members’ personal or company email. It contains a statistical analysis of stipulated asset classes in addition to a projection for the upcoming week. In a typical month, members receive a total of 4 reports containing 12 analyses and forecasts (3 market studies for each of 4 weeks).

The Forecast Service is structured in a way that both futures and options traders will find useful, concrete, and practical. Though the outputs are derived from complex statistical models, all analyses are accompanied by textual explanations that are accessible to traders without a background in statistical research.

The HyperVolatility approach does not consist of interpreting the market according to our views but rather of letting the data speak for themselves.

Anyone is entitled to benefit from a free 14-day trial period of the Forecast Service. Interested parties should send an email to containing your name, country of residence, and the 3 desired asset classes for projection.

Companies, proprietary trading houses, and hedge funds are kindly advised to contact to arrange a private agreement.

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