HyperVolatility – End of the Year Report 2012

Dear All, we are pleased to announce you that the HyperVolatility End of the Year Report 2012 has been finally completed and it can be downloaded for free by clicking the following link:


As always, our analysis focuses on the most important financial markets in the world in addition to a complete and accurate examination of the macroeconomic indicators over the 2012. Therefore, the first part of the study is focused on equity markets, currency , commodity and government bond futures. The HyperVolatility Team performed for each asset class calculations regarding price fluctuations, market volatility, inter-market analysis and price distribution. All quantitative studies are accompanied by a chart and an easy to understand explanation.

On the other hand, the second part of the HyperVolatility End of the Year Report 2012 is entirely dedicated to macroeconomic factors, their fluctuations and potential influence on financial markets and global economy. The macroeconomic study focuses on 1 indicator at the time and inspects its oscillations over the 2012 in Western European countries, USA, Japan, Australia and the top emerging markets in the world (Brazil, Russia, India, China)

Please read carefully our Legal Disclaimer. The HyperVolatility End of the Year 2012 table of contents is the following:

1) Legal Disclaimer; 2) Euro Futures; 3) Japanese Yen Futures; 4) WTI Crude Oil Futures; 5) Gold 100 Futures; 6) E- Mini S&P500 Futures; 7) DAX Futures; 8) FTSE/MIB Futures; 9) German Bund Futures; 10) Treasury Bond Futures; 11) VIX Index; 12) GDP Growth Rate; 13) Unemployment Rate; 14) Inflation Rate; 15) Debt to GDP Ratio; 16) Credit Rating; 16.A) Appendix

A more ink-saving version of the HyperVolatility Enf of the Year Report 2012 is available upon request. Send us an email at

We take this opportunity to remind you that market projections and statistical analyses of the aforementioned classes can be obtained on a weekly basis thanks to the HyperVolatility Forecast Service (We guarantee you a 14 day free trial)

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