British Pound Futures Volatility Forecast (05/10/2011)

British Pound futures opened at 155.4 on Monday, jumped to 156.3 on Tuesday, retraced to 155.8 on Wednesday, settled at 156 on Thursday and closed at 155.7 on Friday.

The actual volatility is 0.53% (8.4% annualised) and the TGARCH plot is showing an upward sloping curve which is trying to complete its mean reverting process towards the long term equilibrium point which is stable around the 0.55% level (8.7% in annual terms).

However, the spread between the current level and the balance threshold is not that striking and consequently there should not be violent moves to be expected over the next trading hours.

The HyperVolatility is slightly bearish British Pound futures because the increase in the conditional variance should push the price action toward the 152.8 – 153 level before Friday.

Nevertheless, further bad macroeconomics news could easily drag futures prices even more down because investors would rush to buy US dollars whose value would irremediably appreciate against all other European countries. Should the last scenario occurs we would see British Pound futures retest the 150 support.

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