Swiss Franc Futures Volatility Forecast (24/10/2010)

The Swiss Franc futures show again little volatility. However, the correction we forecasted 1 week ago is currently pushing down the market.

Moreover, the volatilty increase (from 0.5% to 0.8%) is likely to continue, hence, our concerns about an extended low level of volatility proved to be a significant indicator for investors. In fact, over the last 2 weeks HyperVolatility suggested to look for shorts rather than adding long positions.

On the other hand, we remain bullish on the Swiss Franc since a fully recovery is yet to come and therefore many people will look to invest in safe heavens. In the next week we will probably see a continuation of the current down trend but bulls could easily get back in the market at any time.

The staff of HyperVolatility suggests to remain bearish in the very short-term and to close out shorts as soon as any reversal signal breaks in.

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