VXN Index Volatility Forecast (06/09/2011)

The VXN Index opened at 32.1 on Monday, settled at 32 on Tuesday, dropped to 31.3 on Wednesday and remained at the same level even on Thursday but on Friday it closed at 33.

The actual volatility is around 7.9% – 8% (27.3% – 27.7% monthly) and the TGARCH plot is displaying a curve which is downward sloping and right in the middle of a mean reverting process. However, the speed at which the conditional variance tend to collapse towards its long term equilibrium point has substantially diminished because, particularly during the final stage of the above mentioned movement, the volatility tend to fall down much more quickly than it is and therefore this phenomenon should be interpreted as a warning signal.

The big and violent spike the volatility experienced on Friday (from 31% to 33%) is a great indicator for investors ‘nervousness. The volatility usually rises or declines gently but these unexpected and sharp jumps are clearly indicating that the situation is not looking good.

The HyperVolatility team is bullish the VXN Index because the decreased mean reverting speed and high fear will probably push the index towards the 35% by Friday.

On the other hand, the volatility could decrease and retest the 30% level if Obama is going to announce big changes in the fiscal policy measures.

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